Minority Staff

Denise Forte, Staff Director

Brian Kennedy, General Counsel

Administrative Staff

Tylease Alli, Clerk, Intern/Fellow Coordinator

Austin Barbera, Staff Assistant

Liz Hollis, Special Assistant to the Staff Director

Communications Staff

Kiara Pesante, Communications Director

Theresa Tilling-Thompson, Special Projects Assistant

Arika Trim, Press Secretary


Education Staff

Kelly Broughan, Education Policy Advisor

Jacqueline Chevalier, Senior Education Policy Advisor

Eamonn Collins, Education Policy Advisor

Rosa Garcia, Senior Education Policy Advisor

Scott Groginsky, Senior Education Policy Advisor

Christian HainesEducation Policy Counsel

Tina Hone, Education Policy Director and Associate General Counsel

Labor Staff

Melissa Greenberg, Labor Policy Associate

Carrie Hughes, Senior Policy Advisor

Eunice Ikene, Labor Policy Associate

Richard D. Miller, Senior Labor Policy Advisor

Amy PeakeLabor Policy Advisor

Véronique Pluviose, Civil Rights Counsel

Rayna ReidLabor Policy Counsel