H.R. 521: Transforming Education Through Technology Act

The promise of technology is great. It can increase equity and access to educational opportunities. It can enhance the impact and reach of great teaching. It can help re-envision how education is delivered, making learning more student-centered and recognizing teachers as education designers. It can lower costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

Schools should be the place that prepare students for the world of tomorrow, with the best tools of today. Schools should use real-world technology that allows students to grapple with real-world problems—so they can compete in a globally competitive economy. But most schools are behind the curve, lacking the resources, infrastructure, hardware, software, and human capacity needed to prepare students for the 21st century. It is time federal policy stepped up as a partner to states and localities to achieve these goals.

The Transforming Education through Technology Act would help schools, districts, and states transform learning systems by utilizing innovative technology. Specifically the legislation would:

Support teachers and principals in using technology to increased college and career readiness, close achievement gaps, and engage all students

  • supporting teachers and school leaders to use technology to redesign curriculum, individualize instruction, and increase student engagement
  • training teachers to incorporate technology and digital learning into classrooms
  • helping teachers and school leaders use real-time data and assessments to drive classroom and school practice

Help school districts build a technology infrastructure to make sure schools take full advantage of what technology has to offer

  • enhancing broadband capabilities, wiring, or other forms of connectivity
  • purchasing hardware, software, or computer devices that improve learning
  • creating or upgrading to online assessments
  • improving technology readiness for implementing college- and career-ready standards

Help states improve student learning, upgrade assessments, and improve educator preparation and support

  • reviewing state technology standards for students and educators
  • improving technology readiness and online assessments across the state
  • aligning teacher and school leader preparation with technology and digital learning standards
  • assist districts with professional development, curriculum, and instruction

Seed innovation to create the learning environment of tomorrow using the best technology of today

  • personalizing instruction through gaming, blended learning, online credit accumulation, and other cutting-edge forms of self-directed learning
  • preparing educators for tomorrow’s classroom, including on-demand professional development, pre- service training in digital learning, and online communities of practice
  • ensuring equitable access to leading technology, such as intuitive games and interfaces, assistive technology, technology-based accommodations, and expanded learning opportunities
  • improving efficiency and productivity through open educational resources (OER), 1:1 initiatives, or hybrid learning that extends the reach of effective teaching

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