GOP’s Attacks on NLRB Does Not Create Jobs

Nov 4, 2011 Issues: Labor
 GOP’s Attacks on NLRB Does Not Create Jobs


The October Jobs report released today showed a slight improvement in the percentage of Americans who are unemployed. While positive news, the number of jobless Americans remains unacceptably high. Unfortunately, the House GOP seems indifferent to the plight of the millions who can’t find work. Rather than propose jobs-creating legislation, House Republicans have launched an all-out assault on our nation’s workers basic labor rights. This year alone, Republicans have attacked the National Labor Relations Board, the agency that enforces the National Labor Relations Act, nearly 50 times.

Compare that to the number bills that will immediately create jobs: 0.

The timeline above (click here for a larger image), from American Rights at Work plots the course of their attacks. According to the graphic, the GOP has “introduced 24 bills and amendments; approved one continuing resolution; held eight hearings; and tied up the agency with eight threatening letters, four official requests for documents, and one subpoena.”

It’s clear they are far more interested in eliminating the Americans’ fundamental working rights rather than help put them back to work.