New Poll: Majority of Americans favor Preventing Student Loan Rates from Doubling, Protecting Women's Rights


Republicans in this Congress have repeatedly attacked the rights of women and blocked proposals to help struggling students and their families. Congressional Democrats have put forth initiatives to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling without harming health care for women and children, and legislation such as the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Violence Against Women Act. The GOP has consistently opposed all such efforts.

A new poll released this week shows that the majority of Americans side with the Democrats on these issues. From the National Journal:

The poll shows that Americans largely favor the Democrats’ positions on these issues: Majorities favor provisions protecting gay and lesbian victims of domestic violence and making it easier for women to sue for wage discrimination. A plurality prefers Democrats’ plans to pay for student-loan subsidies by raising taxes on some businesses, as opposed to Republicans’ plans to shift money from a preventative-health fund created as part of the 2010 health care law. On all three issues, Democrats enjoy wider advantages among women and young Americans...

Fully half of respondents said they favor Democrats’ plans to pay for these student loans, while only 34 percent favored the GOP’s approach.

House Democrats have fought hard to prevent the rate from doubling on July1. Democrats proposed to  by ending unwarranted tax subsidies to big oil and gas companies. The House Republicans have twice denied the Democratic plan a vote on the House floor, as recently as today.  

Rather than working with Democrats to address the issue, House Republicans instead pushed through partisan legislation, which would pay for interest rate relief by eliminating an important component of the Affordable Care Act that has already helped families, communities and health professionals identify and prevent chronic disease.

More information on the July 1 increase in some student loan interest rates.