Results of ‘Jobs eForum’ Show Devastating Impact of High Unemployment on American Families

Oct 13, 2011 Issues: Labor, Jobs and Job Training


WASHINGTON – The House Education and the Workforce Democrats recommended that the Joint Select Committee take immediate and significant action on job creation in order to get America back to work and reduce the deficit.  As part of the submission, committee Democrats forwarded the results of their “eForum on Jobs” initiated last month, highlighting stories submitted by Americans from across the country and underscoring the need for swift action on the jobs crisis. 

“The report highlights excerpts from a number of the submissions, many from Americans who have solid work histories, and excellent education and training backgrounds, but who have found themselves struggling to hold onto the American Dream. These are teachers facing pink slips, recent college graduates struggling to start their careers, laid off construction workers, struggling small business owners, and others in the grips of long-term unemployment,” the report said. “Without prompt action by Congress to create jobs now and remove barriers to employment, the unemployment crisis will continue for these families”

In a letter to the Joint Select Committee, committee Democrats said that taking action on job creation would not only get Americans back to work, but also address a significant portion of the federal budget deficit.

“Our nation’s fiscal house will not be in order until America gets back to work. We urge the Joint Select Committee to take a balanced approach to deficit reduction and recognize the overwhelming evidence that solving the fiscal crisis must begin by solving the jobs crisis,” the letter said. “We must act now to spur job creation, re-invigorate economic demand, and adopt fiscal reforms that strengthen our future.”

Read the eForum final report.

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